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A Horror Film Festival can be exciting for fans of the dark genre. Festival graphic It is a chance to see what happens at a Horror Film Festival. If you are interested in attending a Horror Film Festival, you want to know what things to expect. Here is what you can expect at a Horror Film Festival. Screamfest Horror Film Festival is an annual award-winning horror film festival held in late August to celebrate the spooky, scary and bizarre. It is based on the "Scream" franchise of films. The festival is organized by Screamfest, a company that produces extreme cinema events. The films screened are part of the "Scream" franchise. Screening schedule includes favorites like "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "The Shape" and "The Ring". A World of Warcraft Film Festival occurs in late August - early September. It is organized by World Of Warcraft Adventures. The main event of the festival is the World of Warcraft movie premiers. This is one of the most popular Horror Film Fests. Why not take a look at the "Halloween Horror Nights" festival? It is held in October and features the most popular Horror films all year around. There are dozens of haunted house trips, costume contests and photo contests. In addition to the film festivals there are also many other popular events. The "Halloween Horror Nights" is a special evening of masquerade balls, dance lessons, lectures on the latest fright tactics. Film figure A variety of short plays as well as theater presentations are also featured. The event is open to masquerade goers of all ages. An attendee of the event can expect to find some authentic spooky ghost stories and scary Halloween costumes. Other popular events include "Scary Haunted Houses", "Halloween Witch School", "Carrie Gore" and "Frankenstein Horror Movie Walkers". The "Tampa Bay Horror Film Festival" is another Horror Film Festival held in the spring. Similar to the fest that precedes the San Diego Horror Film Festival, this one takes place in the beautiful bay area of Florida. Many local filmmakers will be in attendance to screen their latest films. You will find movies of many different genres, classic films and even independent films being shown. A Great Fest to attend is the "SD Horror Film Festival". This fest is held in the spring in the Gorge where the horror movie genre was born. This is a family oriented film event with great local guest speakers and movie producers. This is a wonderful place to experience the past as well as the future of this scary film genre. The " Horror Weekend " Horror Film Festival" is held in Telluride, Colorado. Another unique festival is the "Hollywood Horror Film Festival". It is held in Hollywood, California during the beginning of October. It features films from all over the world on the subject of scary movies. This one is definitely worth a visit. Festival impression A number of theatrical events also take place at these events. They feature award-winning actors and actresses along with famous Horror film stars. You can usually expect to find a good mix of all kinds of stars at these events. You will be able to enjoy a good showing of all types of Horror films. The cast also often comes to play interactive events. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you have had a wonderful time. Just remember that these festivals are for everyone. The sole purpose of them is to frighten the blood out of you and get your heart pumping. Don't let them fool you. There is plenty to see and do at these events and lots of great food to be enjoyed as well. In the case of the Telluride Film Festival you can expect a night of music, theater, and other activities after the shows. The Telluride Bluegrass Festival also takes place during the same time. You can enjoy live bluegrass music, learn about the art, and even take part in the festivities. Of course, the festival won't be complete without the legendary Horror film stars. So if you have never been to a film festival or are looking to make it a trip to Colorado sometime soon, consider booking tickets now. These popular events draw thousands of visitors who love Horror films and any other genre of film. Make sure you mark your date on your calendar for this year's festival so you don't forget what a great experience you will have. Once you go to a film festival you will never forget it.